Gene : CDC2 T. thermophila SB210

DB identifier  ? TTHERM_01207660 Secondary Identifier  ? | PreTt09119 | 274.m00036
M 02  -2.1044 M 1012  0.766037
M 1214  0.6002 M 1416  -2.21772
M 1618  0.988696 M 24  11.1342
M 46  -9.32052 M 68  0.596389
M 810  0.295675 Signalp  N
Signalp _ D  0.097 Tmhmm  {'length':'308','tmhs':'0','segments':[['outside','1','308']]}

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1 Organism

Name Taxon Id
Tetrahymena thermophila SB210 312017

1 Proteins

Organism . Name
Tetrahymena thermophila SB210 779  

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1 Proteins

Organism . Name
Tetrahymena thermophila SB210 779  


2 Data Sets

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Tetrahymena thermophila genome  
GO Annotation from TGD  

19 Publications

First Author Title Year Journal Volume Pages PubMed ID
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